Monday, July 25, 2005


My sister-in-law told me today a way to create or change habits is to involve other people. So I have to say I am so glad I involved her with my excerise program. Today when it was 8pm and I hadn't done my work out and I didn't want to, she showed up and encouraged me. Thanks Stac your the best and we are glad you have decided to stay in AK.

Summers in Alaska are the best but can be very challenging with young children. It stays light here until at least midnight right now. So I am embarassed to say Caleb has been going to sleep around 11 each night. Tonight I put him down before I went for my run and what do you know when I returned he was in bed but far from asleep. He is now learning funny little tricks to stay up later, like mommy I want to hold you.... who can resist that little voice... and then I hear what everyone with grown children tell you.... cherish the moments they will be gone before you know it. SO I am a babywise failure right now, but my boy wants to snuggle and I'm sure that won't last forever. :Luke on the other hand when he is not smiling he is sleeping... I must cherish the moments of naps too, for my sanity!

Love & People who motivate us!

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