Monday, July 11, 2005

North to Alaska

As I was driving to Anchorage today to go to Costco and REI, I was thinking about what I wanted to put into my blog today and I passed a camper from Illinos and in the back of the dirty window was a a poster that said "North to Alaska". It made me laugh and I gave the guy a wave and then I realized that I was very fortuante to live in a beautiful land the only thing that would make it better would be if all our friends and family were here.

Today was a very successful day in potty training with Caleb, he had the big BM in the toliet. He just said, "Mom I have to go" and he went into the bathroom and went. He returned to the bathroon two minutes later to finish the job and informed me that he would like to be alone and have the door locked.

Out of the first four of my blog enteries two are about poop, please don't fret this is not a trend, I will clean it up.

Love and saving $ on diapers,


Jenn said...

Well, it could be like my nephew, Jesse. He, too, pooped in the potty this week for the first time and when he came back from the potty he said, "Aunt Jenn, I made a castle in the potty with my poop!!" And then he took me to the bathroom to see what he had done....Oh the life with toddlers!!
I'm going to call you tomorrow... I sent you a letter today!

Anonymous said...

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