Sunday, July 10, 2005

All American Sunday

Today we attempted to have the All American Sunday. Church ( Caleb made it through the whole service, thanks to Gary and Lyndia), BBQ and topped it all off with a good ole' baseball game. The BBQ was great until our new free BBQ ran out of gas (thanks Jenn), had to finish it up in the oven. The baseball game was good a little windy but when isn't it windy in Palmer.
We watched the Miners our local semi-pro team. Caleb wore his baseball hat and had his "mitten" ready to catch a ball. He even got into the cheering... saying "here we go Danielle, here we go" I guess Daniel will understand. Luke enjoyed the game from his stroller where he slept.

I am working on decorating my landry/craft room, I just finished painting and now looking for accessories. What would life be like without accessories???

Love & Hard benches,