Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Gotta Love Baths!

This evening was Lukes first adventure in the tub with big brother! He sat in this niffty little chair (thanks Jenn) that allowed him to sit up and enjoy the water and sucking on his brothers arm. Isn't it amazing how slippery a little baby can be? He loved it and Caleb thought it was pretty cool too!

If your wondering about the bandaid on Caleb's head it is covering the bump from the handle of the vice he pulled down on himself. He's fine, because bandaids fix everything! He sure is a busy boy.

We went to the rifle range today. Jarrett had to sight in his new and improved rifle... I know what your saying because I am saying it too. ANOTHER rifle. But anyways, please remind me that I don't enjoy going to the range with two fussy kids and sitting in the truck for an hour and a half! This is Jarrett's hobby he should be able to enjoy it peacefully. The range isn't always bad, it is a good time to read magizines or knit, but I think I will give it a break for a while.

Love and messy houses,

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Anonymous said...

hi am love the picture of the kids We miss them so much I'm sure your going to need boxes of band aids for these guys Oh I got caleb a blow gun will send it soon Brother got to move to days starting on Monday what a suprise Tawny family has come over from the coast for the weekend were going to shasta lake on sunday talked to heather all is fine in montana her parents should be ther tonight she said tommy and sheldon are coming over to visit you for a few days please give stacy my love and jen and the girl too