Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Party anyone?

I went to a great spa party tonight we soaked our feet and ate great snacks! Thanks, Sarah! It is fun to get out and visit with the girls and chat! Went to the gym started some express work out thing. Yeah, that is mistitled! It should be called slow torture. But I agree with the theory if I take the time to go to the gym then I should get the most of it, not just watch TV while on the treadmill. But I like the treadmill and we don't have cable.

Luke found his toes tonight and played with a little toy all while I was at the spa party. It always seems to happen when I'm not looking. Caleb has become quite the story teller, he likes to tell stories of Buzzlightyear to his little brother who just smiles. What a pair!

Just got a letter from our buddies in CA and looks like we are all goin' on a cruise to the Mexcian Rivera. Should be fun, just have to figure out what to do with the kidlets!

Love and snorkeling,


suburban mom said...

ahh, I could use a spa party right now -- and congrats on the gym :)

Anonymous said...

Mom and dad just got the computer fixed so we want to tell you we love you

Anonymous said...

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