Saturday, July 09, 2005

Moose Dropping Festival

Today I begin my blog to document all the crazy adventures I get to experience as a wife, mother, friend and Alaskan. So today we went to Moose Dropping Festival, where else in the world do they have a festival around the fecies of an animal? I have to admit it was a great time. We started the morning by watching the 5K fun run and decided that we should participate next year. Then onto the parade it was short and sweet and just when you thought it was over they came right back up main street. Finished it off by checking out crafts and listening to live music on the grass. We enjoyed it all the sunshine and fun.

Did you know a regular stroller can hold a 19lb infant and a 39lb toddler. Luke rides inside and Caleb navigates from the front foot rest, we are quite a sight. Caleb love parades he loves the candy and he is great at waving, even when floats aren't passing his hand is cocked in the air waving slowly. Luke slept though most of it until the sirens went off, he handled it well as usual with a smile.

Love and moose poop,


Jenn said...

Welcome to the blog community! I'm so excited to be able to read your goings on and not just have to call or wait for us to e-mail. You are so good! And why didn't you run the 5K? We both know that you can do it!!
I'll work on posting to my blog more often! We made it thru b-day I'm a mother to a 4 year old!! AKKKK!

Stacey said...

Hey, I went to the Moose Dropping Festival too. Hey, I went with you. That's ok that you failed to mention my name. My feelings aren't too hurt. Lunch at the outside bakery was fun. A nice looking single gentleman recommended the "half standard." It was quite good! He wasn't "half" bad himself. -Stacey-

Anonymous said...

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