Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Prep for Slaying Salmon

Well I am tuckered... I have been running like crazy getting ready to go on one of my favorite trips of the summer... dipnetting on the Kenai. Dipnetting is my idea of fishing. You float down the Kenai River with a huge net over the side and you catch those bad boys, no hook, no stabbing a little worm or tying the secrect fishing knot! You pull fish in with your net and toss them in the boat, bleed them, kill them, and mark their tail... then get your net back in the water.... because a wise ole' fisherman once told me you can't catch fish if you net isn't in the water. This is a great mixture of physical activity, socializing, and slime. The fun ends when you get back to camp and have to fillet all the fish and vaccum pack them. Our family can catch 45 fish. This year my dear husband will be there to join the other 25 of us from church, he'll love it!

Love and fish slime

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Stacey said...

Hope you have a great time even though I won't be able to join you. Hey, that means I won't get stuck vacuum packing all those stinky fish. That's a plus.